What is this all about?

Here's some quick facts about Professor Elliot... 

  • Professor of what subject?

    This was a nickname given to Elliot when he was younger due to his tendency to share odd facts.


    Elliot is a student of all subjects. "There's always something new to learn!"

  • Can I buy you a drink?

    Certainly! You can do so by visiting the shop (which currently includes a couple of posters).

  • Document the Obscure?

    There are things in the world that are not well known, but are worth sharing. Professor Elliot is mildly obsessed with odd, mysterious, and strange things.

  • When are updates?

    Whenever Professor Elliot has the time, he creates new content and posts it online. If you'd like to be notified of new content via email... 

  • What kind of content?

    Just like his love of all fields of study, Professor Elliot does not seem to stick to one medium. He's produced blogs, videos, podcasts, books, and given lectures. Much of that content is on this site!

  • Can I contact him?

    Feel free to reach out under the "Contact" page! Professor Elliot reach out to you as soon at his earliest convenience!