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Professor Elliot's Cabinet of Curiosities

Episode #01

Fried Rings of Dough

A journey around the world of fried dough rings!

Episode #02

Beach Combing Heaven

Down in Baja California lies the ultimate beach for finding treasure...

Episode #03

The Red Lamp Quarter

The history of San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter is a bit seedy.

Episode #04

Old Walls

What can destroy ancient walls that withstood the test of time and cannon fire?

Episode #05

Planetary Protection

Someone needs to stick up for the other planets in our system!

Episode #06

Bottoms in Battleboro

Some teenagers discovered an oddity of Battleboro, Virginia's legislation, and it set off some strange events.

Episode #07

The Stink of Sparagrass

Do you know what that smell is? Can you even smell it?

Episode #08

Nuclear Test Noticed

The story of a man who kept his discovery of top secret tests a secret.

Episode #09

The Great Emu War

Who will win? A bunch of Australians or a herd of emus?

Episode #10

Monument to Communication

How did a city manage phone lines without underground cables?

Episode #11

The Jefferson Bible

Thomas Jefferson, a Deist, made his own edit of the Bible.

Episode #12

A Classic Combination

A short history of Neapolitan ice cream

Episode #13

Spurious Pearls

People have been trying to create false pearls for a very long time.

Episode #14

A Galactic Journey

A short break from your regularly scheduled content for an episode of "Galactic Journey"

Episode #15

Plastered Skulls

Certainly a strange art form to see these days.

Episode #16

By Your Bootstraps

What does it actually mean to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps"?

Episode #17

Bamboo & Revolution

There appears to be a strange link between uprisings and bamboo flowering...

Episode #18

The Iron Ring

Engineers in Canada wear this Iron Ring, to remind them of their sacred duties.

Episode #19

Regarding Mac & Cheese

A bit of history behind Macaroni and Cheese.