Currently available are two historical reproductions.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery.

1915 Cahill Butterfly Map

Here, recreated by hand, is a flyer for the Panama-Pacific Universal Exposition in San Francisco. It depicts a proposed route for pilots to fly around the globe, landing themselves in San Francisco just in time for the expo!


The map itself was the new Butterfly Map projection by B. J. S. Cahill, designed to limit land mass distortion. A modern version of this map (that is not Amerocentric) is the Waterman Butterfly map.


This flyer is 18"x12" and comes with your choice of a white or sepia background color.

ядерная война (Nuclear War)

Originally a Soviet-made propaganda poster from the 1980s. Due to the nature of Soviet propaganda (being produced by the state), no information is currently known about its original designer. 


It has been recreated here as a high-quality print at 18"x27"


There is an official Professor Elliot book in the works! In the meantime, I do have a smaller, more niche book available on Amazon...

Cabbie: Memories of Vic Burnett, photos of his taxis, and stories from cab drivers​

My grandfather was a cab driver, and a collector of toy taxis. This book is a collection of memories about him, photos of the many taxis he collected, and stories from cab drivers from around the world.